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Tornado Acordes

Black Crowes


por IronPower4Ever

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G                                      C 
Sit down by the window and watch the tornado 
              G                   D/F#          Em 
Wait for the sheriff to bring some dirty water by 
G                               C 
Help yourself out to some of my disaster 
Its movin' faster 
        D/F#               Em 
Than the last time I was on speed 
Don't you know what I mean 
                   D                       C 
Cause it's ways and means and your ways are mean 
By definition 
        D                 C                G 
I could fill this page up with this boys ambition 
But I don't audition 
Oh yes that's true 
       Cm            D 
I could never act for you 
G                                  C 
Heard you saw some friends of mine last winter 
       G              D/F#               Em 
Then again, I heard you disappeared into ether 
G                                     C 
I don't laugh and you smile because I'm tired 
           G           D/F# 
I'm feelin wired oh so weary 
And oh so old 
Am I being too bold 
     D                 C               G 
Bold enough to ask you if you really love me 
     D         C          G 
In my shadows and in my dreams 
And just one last thing 
Please let me say 
And that is please, 
                 D     D7        G 
Oh please, please stay away, from me 

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