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Forgive Me


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Forgive Me

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	  Capo 1st Fret

A 			  F#m
  Can you forgive me again?   

   I don't know what I said 

	D                     Dm
  But I didn't mean to hurt you 

A                    F#m
  I heard the words come out

  I felt like I would die   

  It hurt so much to hurt you 

	 A         C#m
  Then you look at me

 You're not shouting anymore 

  You're silently broken    

A		    F#m
  I'd give anything now  

to kill those words for you 

	    D				      F#m
  Each time I say something I regret I cry "I don't want to lose you

	    D				        E
  But somehow I know that you will never leave me, yeah. 

A			   F#m
  'Cause you were made for me 

 Somehow I'll make you see 

	D            Dm
  How happy you make me 

A		       F#m
  I can't live this life

  Without you by my side  

     D            Dm
  I need you to survive 
     A		C#m
  So stay with me 

	D		        Dm  		        A  F#m
  You look in my eyes and I'm screaming inside that I'm sorry. 

Verse : E D Dm A F#m E D Dm

A		        F#m
  And you forgive me again 

  You're my one true friend 

	D                    Dm    (A)
  And I never meant to hurt you 

Correction by Mário dos Santos (my_doom@hotmail.com).

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