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Green Day



por Christiangirl06

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Áño: 2004 - Álbum: American Idiot

(Billie Joe Armstrong/ Frank E. Wright III/ Michael Pritchard)

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	  Intro: Fm(no5) Db(no5) Ab(no5) Eb(no5) (4x) 

              F5 Db Ab5 Eb5 (2x) 

F5         Db5            Ab5      Eb5  
  Hear the sound of the falling rain  
F5        Db5         Ab5     C5  F5 
  Coming down like an Armageddon flame (Hey!)  
     Db5        Ab5  Eb5        C5 
The shame, the ones who died without a name  
F5          Db5     Ab5        C5 
  Hear the dogs howling out of key  
F5      Db5        Ab5         C5 
  To a hymn called "Faith and Misery" (Hey!)  
F5       Db5     Ab5    Eb5        C5  
  And bleed, the company lost the war today  
F5 Db5 Ab5 Eb5 I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies F5 Db5 Ab5 C5 This is the dawning of the rest of our lives
Fm(no5) Db(no5) Ab(no5) Eb(no5) (2x) On holiday F5 Db5 Ab5 Eb5 Hear the drums pounding out of time F5 Db5 Ab5 C5 F5 Another prostestor has crossed the line (Hey!) Db5 Ab5 Eb5 C5 To find, the money's on the other side F5 Db5 Ab5 Eb5 Can I get another Amen F5 Db5 Ab5 C5 F5 There's a flag wrapped around a score of men (Hey!) Db5 Ab5 Eb5 C5 A gag, a plastic bag on a monument
F5 Db5 Ab5 Eb5 I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies F5 Db5 Ab5 C5 This is the dawning of the rest of our lives On holiday
F5 / G5 Ab5 /| Db5 Bb5 Eb5 C5 | F5 / G5 Ab5 /| Eb5 C5 F5 (2x) Solo: Db5 Ab5 C5 F5 Eb5 Db5 Ab5 C5
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Solo e|-----------------------------------8--------8-----------------| B|-6-6-6--8-9----------8-5-----6-6-6----6-6-6-----6-6-6-6-6-8-9-| G|-------------8-6-5-------5------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------| e|-------------------------------------------------------| B|---------8~8~8~8~/13~13~13~13/-17~17~17~17~/~18~~~~~---| G|--8-6-5------------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------|
(No Chord) "The representative from California has the floor" Zeig Heil to the president gasman Bombs away is your punishment Pulverize the Effel towers Who criticize your government Bang bang goes the broken glass and Kill all the fags who don't agree Trials by fire, setting fire Eb5 C5 F5 Bb5 C5 Is not a way that's meant for me Bb5 C5 F5 Just cause, Just cause, because we're outlaws yeah!
F5 Db5 Ab5 Eb5 I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies F5 Db5 Ab5 C5 This is the dawning of the rest of our lives (2x) C5 This is our lives on holiday
F Db5 Ab5 Eb5 (3x) F5 Db5 Eb5 C5 F5

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hace 1495 años atrás
The key is correct but if you add a cappo to the first fret, it's sounds exactly like the cd version.
hace 1841 años atrás
do caralhooooooo, muito boa e facil de tocar...
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