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Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix

Little Wing


por DannielDF

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Little Wing

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	              Em                  G  
Well, she's walkin' through the clouds  
       Am                         Em  
with a circus mind that's running wild  
Bm                         Bbm        Am  
Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams  
C                  G   
and uh fairy tales  
That's all she ever thinks about  
C                D  
 Riding with the wind  
         Em               G  
When I'm sad she comes to me  
       Am                              Em7  
with a thousand smiles she gives to me free  
Bm                      Bbm  
  It's alright she says It's alright  
Am   C                G        F(add9)  
Take anything you want from me  


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