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Stevie Wonder


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Isn't She Lovely ?

(Stevie Wonder)

	  Intro: C#m7 | F#7/9 | A/B | E |  4 x 
           C#m7    F#7/9  
Isn't she lovely  
           A/B    E  
Isn't she wonderful  
            C#m7    F#7/9  
Isn't she precious  
               A/B    E  
Less than one minute old  
          Amaj7                   G#5+/7  
I never thought through love we'd be  
       C#m7               F#7  
Making one as lovely as she  
               A/B               E 
But isn't she lovely made from love  
Isn't she pretty  
Truly the angel's best  
Boy, I'm so happy  
We have been heaven blessed  
I can't believe what God has done  
Through us he's given life to one  
But isn't she lovely made from love  
Solo sobre harmonia da 1ª parte 
Isn't she lovely  
Life and love are the same  
Life is Aisha  
The meaning of her name  
Londie, it could have not been done  
Without you who conceived the one  
That's so very lovely made from love  


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